Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The questions

In regards to my August 1 posting, here are the questions.
1. Is it true what they say?
2. What's the capital of Butte, Montana?
3. How often has Michael Jackson had sex?
4. Is there a Santa Claus?
5. If you take two aspirins and spin yourself around really fast, what's the first thing your brain will think?
6. Well, duh.
7. What's your political persuasion?
8. Ginger or Mary Ann?
9. What's your favorite ice cream?
10. What's that smell?
11. A geologist walks into a San Francisco bar and orders a shot of tequila. Before he can down it, an earthquake rattles the place and he spills his drink. He orders another and downs it. The bartender charges him for two drinks because he spilled one. The geologist pays him for one, say it wasn't his fault he spilled it. The bartender asks whose fault it was.
12. Who's the Democratic favorite in the 2008 presidential race?
13. Who would you let operate on you in "Celebrity appendicitis?"
14. Today's posting has been brought to you by which letters?
15. At what point did college become real?
16. Name the high point of Western civilization.
17. Name Leonardo da Vinci's greatest invention.
18. How often do you think about cotton balls?
19. Blessed are the who?
20. Where's the bathroom?

Once again, I hope this clarifies things.

Our freebie lists

For the time being, I'm going to share little bits about our marriage, some of those things perhaps only we could appreciate. I didn't mean for this blog to become a shrine to what we had, but that's what it's become, and I don't apologize for it.

My wife and I had freebie lists. You know, people who if they turned up at our door and said to our spouse, "Come away with me for a weekend of wild abandon," we weren't allowed to object. We'd never do it, of course, but then again, the odds of these people showing up at our door was pretty slim to begin with, so it was more or less a moot point.

My wife's list was:
1. Johnny Depp
2. George Clooney
3. Ed Robertson of Barenaked Ladies
4. Any firefighter
5. Johnny Depp (he was allowed a repeat visit)

My list was a little more eccentric:
1. Bebe Neuwirth
2. The young Myrna Loy
3. Sarah Vowell (though we couldn't talk about God)
4. Allison Krauss
5. George Clooney

What can I say? Damn, that boy's charming.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Debra A. Chong (8/23/65-9/11/06)

I tried to keep my word. I told you I would get you through, and that nothing would ever hurt you again. I pray that I did it well.

I held your hand to the end. The last words you heard were my telling you "I love you" over and over again.

You were the answer to every prayer I've ever had, spoken and unspoken. You were the same kind of crazy as me, and we were clearly meant to be. You were my best friend, my co-conspirator, my analyst, my patient, my lover, my life, my wife.

If anyone ever tries to tell you true love doesn't exist, that there are no such things as soul mates, tell them they're fools.

I regret we didn't have enough time to do the things we said we would, like go to Alaska or go horseback riding again. I regret that I didn't marry you sooner. I regret that the word "love" isn't enough to contain the feelings I had for you. I regret that there isn't enough time contained in an eternity to fully express the things you were to me.

I regret I don't have the world's ear to grab to tell everyone how special you were. How the world is an emptier place for not having your laugh in it. How your inner beauty dazzled me, how even though you insisted you weren't "Cindy Crawford-beautiful," I could have spent my days happily watching your face light up from delight.

Your smile made me believe in heaven.

I am forever changed by you. I hereby devote the rest of my life to making you proud of me, to being the man you made me feel I could be.

I miss you.